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Re: Is my math wrong, or FuzziBunz math wrong?

Originally Posted by 4boys1girlforme View Post
A one size pocket (as FB is using in the example in the OP) that was used for the entire diaper using phase for a child would see much more wear than a sized diaper that is grown out of- that's why I used 2 years as my example. We used small FB for maybe 6ish months for each of my babies- and that was after xs were grown out of and before we moved onto mediums.
I still have one size pockets that were used to diaper my son- for years but my stash is large and they are still in great shape and when my dd potty learns I will be able to sell them.
i would think that if i was diapering for 2+ years i would want more than a dozen but yeah i really didnt see the need to invest a lot in size small since i was only using them for a year. i bought a crap ton of mediums (way more than i ever needed) and i have like 18 larges that she never even used since she was out of diapers at 24 months (and skinny )
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