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Question about wool, inserts, and pul

I have been lurking for over a year while ttc. I am now pg so decided it was time to start asking questions. I see many people use wool as diaper covers. Everytime I have tried to wear wool it STINGS! Is this a special kind of wool used for diaper covers? How does it not sting or itch?

I have also been practicing sewing diapers. I would like to start cloth immediately and my husband has said NO to prefolds and covers. I was trying to find out if cheapy trifold wash cloths would offer enough absorbency for a newborn or if I should combine it with flannel and/or microfiber toweling? I hope to get some hemp or bamboo eventually, but all I have now is the above mentioned.

As for the PUL.... If I put a cute flannel or cotton print over the outside will it wick? And does anyone have a favorite free newborn pattern for small babies? Preferably with umbilical scoop or snap down? My other 3 kiddos were 6lbs. 2oz., 6lbs. 9oz., and 6lbs. 12oz. with chicken legs. I am expecting this one to be similar in size.

Thanks for your help!
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