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if a diaper doesn't come clean..

what do you do? I washed diapers yesterday one of them was still a little stained after the full wash cycle and when I did a sniff test I could still detect so poo smell. Everythign else came out fantiastic it was jsut this one diaper. I'm guessing it somehow got twisted and not exposed enough to the water/detergent. It happens...
I jsut set it aside but them when I ran my next load some bedsheets I just stuck it in with those so it got washed again came out perfect problem solved.

SO what do you do when something doesn't come clean

1) assume the worst and wash everything again
2) toss it back into the pail for the next wash
3) toss in with other laundry
4) ingnore it a little sunshine and it will be fine

I can not spell and have no phone to blame things on.

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