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Originally Posted by Sophia&Daria
I'm planning on running the hakf marathon early May next year. Three weeks ago I started the TurboFire Challenge which is 6 days a week workout so i can't handle running more than once a week. But I'm starting 7 months in advance so that shouldn't be an issue right?

I have a treadmill but it doesn't show distance and time. I can't really run outside bc i have 3 little ones.

So where do i start?
I think you would be okay running one day a week for now but you will want to try to increase that to 3 days a week. Maybe not do turbofire 6 days a week so you can still get your running in.

There are lots of different half marathon training plans out there where you run 3 days a week. Do a Google search and find one that works for you. Most of the plans are 12-18 weeks long but you will want to be running a bit before that so you have a starting base.

As for the treadmill, I would be sure to set the incline on 2 and try to go by time. Using the slight incline will help mimic outdoor conditions. Most people find running outside more difficult then on a treadmill because of natural elevation. I would probably try to get in one outdoor run a week (preferably the long run) once you start the half marathon training plan. That way you will have at least one run a week where you know for sure you are doing the distance.
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