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Originally Posted by snoggle
And, yes, to answer your question better, the LH doesn't just go away because you ovulated. The LH surge tells you to ovulate, but the ovulation doesn't get rid of the LH. Your body just has to get rid of it over the next few days, regardless of when exactly you ovulated. It may take two days, it may take a week, but how long has nothing to do with your success at ovulation or how many eggs you ovulated.

Also, HCG (the hormone that makes the urine pregnancy test positive) will cause you to have a positive OPK because it is similar to LH. What I think is so nifty about this is that during fertility treatments they will use shots of HCG (instead of LH, because it is easier/cheaper to produce) to trigger ovulation - because the injection is given mid-cycle, your body thinks it is LH and ovulation is "forced". The sucky part about this is that you will have a positive pregnancy test until the shot of HCG is out of your system. So, this will make a TTC girl crazy because if you test too early, the positive preggo test can be from the HCG shot even if you aren't really preggo. Yeah, I've peed on lots of sticks!!!!!
Thank you for confirming my idea and congrats in the new baby and new job! Definitely too soon for it to be pregnancy related. And I'm sure I ovulated and this is just the tail end of the surge (another bfp opk today).
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