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Re: Any other hyperemesis Mommas?

I had hyperemesis with Ds from 5+3 to 2 days post delivery. Most days 4-8 mg of Zofran helped, but some days I needed 12. DEFinately talk to your doctor - the point of meds is to not only stop you from throwing up but allow you to eat and keep it in as well. I am 5+5 today, the hyperemesis has been back since 4+1, and it's worse with this little bug. If I take 4mg, I can not throw up on an empty stomach, but whatever I eat comes back up. At 8 mg I can eat certain items, although smells will likely throw me through the whole pg. Again, my worst was between 9 and 40, so I'm a bit nervous as well. But there are women who take much more than 4 or 8 mg. They can even put a PIC line in you with a constant drip if it means creating a healthy baby. Not eating and throwing up can have long lasting effects on your liver, so it needs to be taken care of.

I remember last pg that I would stop at meijer every day on my way home, pick of a freezer meal, and cook that. No smell, from freezer to oven. I think DH seriously considered moving in with his mom
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