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Men that try to push sports on kids... what do you do?

I'm convinced that the only reason dh cares at all about sports is because it is SOOO important in his dads life. He brought dh to tons of games, made sure to watch EVERY game, if not with dh then they would talk about it later. FIL gets so mad if his team looses or makes a bad play that he flips out and it used to ruin his night (he doesn't get that upset anymore, but still, way more upset then what seems reasonable).
We now live 14 hours away from FIL and the sports teams dh grew up with. We have more important thigns to do than watch sports. I HATE sports, dh has little free time and would rather spend it working on his music now, so it's just not a part of our lives really (thank God). Like, dh will watch maybe 3 full games and listen to parts of/ or get the highlights on a handful of other games. Our kids don't really know anything about sports teams, don't care about the games, don't hear us talk about them.... I mean, sports are a total NON issue in their lives. BUT................ FIL is freaking obssessed with these teams. For Christmas and birthdays we ALL get nothing but sports merchandise (for teams that are 14 hours away from us )
FIL knows how I feel about sports/those teams, I still get merch. FIL knows we don't watch the games anymore, and that dh has many goals for his music. He could give him $ towards somethign that DH would love much more, and would use for useful creative purposes, yet he instead sends merch. The kids, don't give a flip about sports or the teams, yet they get BOMBARDED with merch. Especially ds. It's like FIL feels like the only thing about himself that he can pass on is his love of these teams.

FIL will make statements about the "mass distraction of people as a whole", by news, entertainment, commercialism, etc. I'll add to that about sports and he will AGREE, but still buys into it all. I just don't understand.

So..... my question..... what do I do? Does anyone else know people like this? What do you do?

I literally have a box FULL of new sports merch, probably equal to $250. All bought for the kids in the past year. I hate it, and filter it out as fast as I can, but I know Christmas and birthdays come around again we are doomed to have our house full of that stuff again. And he KNOWS I get rid of it. He spends SO much money on this stuff, just to have me hate it, hide it and get rid of it.

DS knows the name of the sports team (baseball. not the football team names for merch he has), other than that doesn't care a thing for the team, the games etc. But it's special to him because it came from grandpa. Makes me so sad and drives me nuts.

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