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Re: The power of Santa...

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
Yeah that's true, many don't know it was more of a cave, not a typical barn and the manager was more than likely just a pit carved out of rock in the wall. I guess for me personally since Christmas really isn't Christian at all, I don't much worry about the spiritual aspect anyway. Thank you for answering
We don't really focus on the spiritual aspect of Christmas either... I don't like doing things just for "traditions" sake, so last year will be the last time we make our kids sit through a Christmas eve service. (We can NOT find a church we like here. But last year we went with my parents cause theyre trying to "carry on" my mom's parents tradition)
Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, cute imagery drives me bonkers, so instead we just celebrate being together, being blessed, being loved by our family and God, being able to show love towards other people. That kinda stuff. The best seems to come out of everyone around Christmas, so it's enough to just revel in and celebrate that
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