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So I switched over from prefolds and megaroos and covers to Alvas for my wiggly 20 month old. I don't know if he's peeing more or what but I'm having leaks left and right. Perhaps they don't hold as much as I thought. I'm changing him every 1 1:2 to 2 hrs. But if we go beyond that he leaks. I guess I'm used to prefolds and covers which never leaked for me... I'm frustrated and I even ordered more before this started happening , now I wish I hadn't ..

They are easy .... If they work. They are all brand new and prepped. My mil who uses the few bum genius pockets never has leaks with those except this week with everything leaking.

I'm adding some extra soakers into each one when I stuff it for this next round but we had another leak with that too.

He is drinking more, I just didn't think it was THAT much

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