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Tons of pockets- FB petite, BG2.0 and 3.0s, Thirsties

Clearing out, big time. Smoke-free, cat-friendly home. I've tried to describe any minor flaws, but I'm human. We do use diaper cream, but only CD-friendly. Everything washed in All F&C. I WOH full time, so I ship on weekends.

FB petites. No inserts included. I would say the elastic is in fair to good condition. These are the old style, pointy tabs. I LOVE these diapers, and they were the bulk of my stash for DD1, but my twins seem to fit better in BG. $6/ea, ppd.

Top row, L-R: dark pink, lavender, light pink, light blue, white, white
Bottom row, L-R: bright green (slight staining from CD-friendly cream), bright green, dark teal, dark teal, light blue, orange, black (slight yellowing)

Thirsties Duos, size 1. Each with the standard microfiber/hemp double insert. Love these. Sad the twins are too big. EEUC. (mud has very, very slight staining that I have not tried to sun out) $13/ea, ppd.

BumGenius 3.0s. Need new elastics/aplix. Cotton babies sells "refresher kits" for $1 each, but I just don't have time to fix them. Each with 1 microfiber insert. $8/each.
Top row, L-R: Blue, yellow, white (slight staining)
Bottom row, L-R: Green, white blue
**I actually have a 3rd white one that didn't make it into the picture**

BumGenius 2.0s. Nothing wrong with them, and the elastic/aplix is still functional. Each with microfiber insert. $5/each, ppd.

L-R: Blue, Yellow, Green

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