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Re: Any one here learn a second language as an adult?

Yes, and a third and part of a fourth It is not impossible.

That said, three semesters will probably not even get you through intermediate grammar. I don't say this to discourage you, rather to encourage you to seek additional help outside of school to achieve your goal. Learning languages in an American university setting can have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you will learn "proper" Spanish and be able to read and write. The disadvantage is they often place too much focus on the passive aspects of a language. You often don't learn how to really speak and function. This is the really hard part.

Go to extracurricular conversation groups if your university offers them. Seek online tandem partners on websites like live mocha. Find a spanish speaker in your community who is learning English and meet up a couple of times a week at the playground or over coffee and alternate speaking each other's language by the day or half hour.

Most importantly make sure you are able to laugh at your own expense. I can assure you it really helps make the whole process at lot easier.
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