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Re: S/O Mamas that circed, do you feel judged?

My boys genitals are not anyone else's business. I find it funny people get so passionate over a little piece of skin. If you are passionately for keeping it on your son, keep it. If you believe it is more beneficial to have it removed, get it removed.

My sons are all circed, but it was done before I ever saw the intactivist movement. As a medical professional, I have my own opinions. I actually work with a guy who had penile cancer and is starting an organization to educate people on the hazards of *not* circing.

Anyhow, I don't care what others do. They have to live with their decision, and their child has to live with it. Just as every other parenting decision we make.

I try not to judge others, but I also understand it a bit when you are *that* passionate about something. I am passionate about vaccinations and truly feel a sense of grief when people don't pay attention to the way I see things. I think it is human nature.

I have been called names on other parenting boards because my boys are circed...but, not here. I usually wouldn't open a thread on it. My future boys will come from foster care, so it will be up to their birth-parents whether they are intact or not.
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