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Gdiapers and Grobaby

2 size S gDiapers, + 1 extra shell. Like new. I'm actually not sure if these were ever worn. $15ppd for both.

GroBaby shells

Top row are in GUC. They are snap-converted. Definite pilling, as is typical of the old Grobabys. $5/each, ppd.
Bottom row will all need elastic replacement. Green is aplix and was used ONCE before the elastic failed on one side, so it's in EEUC, other than the one leg. The two vanilla are snaps, and in GUC, other than the elastic. $4/each, ppd.

I also have two inserts and two boosters (not pictured). They are the old style, without the TPU backing. $4 for each insert/booster pair, ppd.

Or, take the whole Grobaby lot for $20, ppd.
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