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Originally Posted by mars817
I want to buy one of these with the 20% discount on amazon right now and I just can't decide. I have seen a bff in person and it seemed small, but I have seen the youtube videos so I know it should hold a lot. I also saw the you tube video of a comparison of how much each held too so I know the be prepared holds more but I wonder if it would be way too big? I just have one 7 month old son. We generally have a small cooler with 3 bottles in it that seems to take up a lot of space. If we head out for more than the grocery store it tends to be a good part of the day because we are 30-45 minutes from anything so I know I tend to overpack but I don't want to not have what he needs. I don't know if I should just get something small and keep a box or big bag of stuff in the car. Any advice?
Did the JJB bags qualify for the discount? I didn't see any of them in my qualifying items :-( Too late now, anyway...
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