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Does anyone else get sad over not being pregnant anymore?

This happened to me when I had DS too. I'm not even close to being ready for another child. I'm quite overwhelmed with our family as it stands today. That said, I'm very sad that I'm not pregnant anymore. I was miserable at the end. I so desperately wanted to be done, but now I'm sad that it's over. I don't want to be pregnant with a new child. I just want to put the one I just had back in, but also have her out at the same time. It's a very strange mix of emotions that I have trouble describing. I really like being pregnant. I grow very comfortable with that title, in that role. Even when it gets physically miserable, I still like being pregnant. I super look forward to birth. When it's all said and done, I should be happy because I'm holding my baby. I get sad though. I adore her. I want to be holding her. I still want her inside of me too though. It's strange. I know.
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