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Originally Posted by kalibratx4

They are heavy bags (even without anything in it's heavy) I think it's just like any other NAME brand item, it is marketed well, expensive and made out to be the gotta have BAG. I have had the Be All, between and be spicy and as much as I liked them there other less expensive bags that would work just as well....

So yeah I LIKE the JJB's but glad I did not pay retail for them
Good to know. Yeah, I'm way too cheap to pay retail for almost anything (my VB bags were all used or on clearance). It sounds like I should just look away when I see all the raves. I did buy another Be Quick in Black Cherry Twirl b/c they are so cheap and I like the one I have. I think I'm going to try using my current one for its intended diaper bag use and see what I think (I've been using it as a mama bag).
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