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I love my husband because...

Backstory: I've had a terrible week. If it could go wrong, it did. And to top it off I have been in bed sick for the whole weekend. My dh works out of town M-F and that leaves me to tackle every problem on my own. Most of the time he isnt even aware of whats going on at home.

I love my husband so much though. I have read thru the bashing of dh's here time and time again. This weekend my husband has stepped up and let me be sick in bed and he has done everything around here! Granted, my kids dont match, but no one is hungry and no one is yelling! My dh is a fantastic dad and husband. I will be so happy when his out of town days are done with and he is home full time!

If you read thru all my 'stuff' above, feel free to post why you love your dh or significant other!
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