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Horizons phonics and reading

We've started Horizon's Kindergarten with DD1 (4 yo) and it was just what we needed to get her reading. After just 4 lessons, she now understands sounding out words. I couldn't be happier, and neither could she!

I was initially hesitant to buy it because it is supposed to be "Christian" and we are anything but. I've skimmed kindergarten, and aside from the picture of a "bible" for the letter B, I haven't seen anything that feels religious to me. I would like to follow just one curriculum for phonics/reading from start to finish to minimize missing anything.

Am I missing something? Will things change in the higher grades? I am wanting to steer clear of direct study of bible versus, etc. I don't mind biblical stories as long as they aren't the majority of the materials. Is there a point when the curriculum goes that way?
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