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Originally Posted by ashley84
I was offered a squat bar with both kids. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to sanely handle myself without an eventual epidural. I've never had the opportunity to use it to know whether they would have required that I use it over the bed or not.
Did you have anyone there to offer support for you during labor? Like a doula? To offer comfort positioning and give you input on how to manage the pain? I had an epi with my son or the same reason. I could NOT see a way around te pain and just wanted it to stop and had no support or relief other than the epidural. With my second delivery there was no option of an epi (at home), but boy did I want one! My friend was my doula and she really helped me get "in the zone" and sort of ride through until the end. It was HARD, but having her support and caring touch and words made all the difference.
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