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Re: Any other hyperemesis Mommas?

Hugs momma! I have been there for my 1st 3 pregnancies. And like you it lasted all day. I only worked during my 1st pregnancy, so I don't have much to offer, because it was just hubby and me, so I often came home and passed out. I was VERY thankful that I didn't work during my other pregnancies that I was so sick in. As far as feeding children, I found converting one of my crisper drawers into a healthy food drawer that was child friendly saved me. I kept cheese sticks, yogurts, applesauce and juices in that drawer. I also kept a basket on the counter with pretzel bags, granola bars, and other snacky type foods that were easy for them to grab. While some of the food was not ideal, it served a very temporary purpose in feeding the children when I was too sick to. As for my eating... hahaha! I remember in my 3rd pregnancy only eating 2 Thomas's Onion bagels, toasted crispy with butter and cream cheese, 1 can of coke and plain liptons hot tea for 15 weeks. That was seriously my daily diet. I couldn't drink water because I would just puke it back up and puked up water is gross. I would puke up the tea, but it had NO flavor coming back up.

Good luck momma in finding what works for you!
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