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Re: The power of Santa...

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
It's another one of those topics where what works/is right for person A may not be the case for person b.
I sometimes told my older son that some candy is poison because of the red dye. Now he just giggles and says "no way" when he tells it's not poison anymore.

I would be curious to know those that follow the no lie policy [if they are Christian], do they tell them that Christmas is Jesus birthday and do that whole story. Because what is celebrate now is highly inaccurate and that would be lying IMO if one follows that line of thinking. Or do they break it down saying Christ was not born on this day, but it's a day we choose to celebrate. And more than likely it took a couple of years for the wise men to reach the child. And we don't know how many wise men there were...etc, etc.
Regarding this (sorry for the hijack, OP): We are Christian, and we do not celebrate christmas. It is not Jesus' birthday, and was not celebrated by the first century church (was added later). The other things you mention, number of wise men, where Jesus was when they came, etc. are very true, and are what we teach regarding those parts of the Biblical account.
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