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Originally Posted by wkocher19

You mean that didn't take a nap at all during the day after 16 months?! Holy crap, I think I would go insane. I hope your kids don't get super cranky in the late afternoon/early evening like mine does if she doesn't get a good nap..
No, they were find by the end of the day. My kids have always gone to bed at 7 and sleep for 12 hours so I assume that's why they no longer needed the nap. My barometer for naps is if they don't fall asleep in the car on a long drive in the middle of the day they are totally done with them :-) I actually prefer no naps because then I am not tied to the house for 2 hours in the middle of the day. My kids would never sleep anywhere but their beds, despite me trying to get them to sleep in the car or stroller or carrier :-(
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