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Re: wwyd buying from friends?

Originally Posted by ggill View Post
Thanks ladies! I am thinking I will have DH tell them we would love to get it but financially we cant purchase until the spring and if they need rid of it before then we understand. I am pretty sure they will have no problems and that give us until Marchish to come up with the full 1600$ which should be doable.

So now I need to know, anyone have a pop up and do you like it?

I thought it was pretty cool but only used it one night. DH spent 3 nights in it, along with set up and tear down and he is sold.
DH and i Strongly considered it over the summer. The brake it for me was the fact that they mold. The canvas has to be completely dry to keep it from molding. (Hard to do) Its not really a huge deal for most people but trying to keep that clean would drive me crazy. I wouldn't be able to deal with the look of it being moldy even if its just stains after being washed up. The other thing that discouraged us was dealing with the bathroom hookup (If you are used to using a tent I would say NO PROBLEM just don't use it). Its just kinda gross IMO. Not like gross I can't believe people do this, just gross I dont want to

My parents have a 5th wheel camper. Its very nice and we considered doing the pop up thing to join them but we decided against it for the above reasons. At present we still camp with them so it just wasn't worth the extra effort to have our own space.
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