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Re: mommas that did ferber method sucessfully

My 1st DS, I did it and he did well. He is 9 years old. I would come back after 5 minutes of crying, then lengthen each time I go back to him. He is 9 years old and is fine. My 2nd DS, my aunt lived with us, so she would not let him CIO. And he is 7 now, and fine too. My 3rd DS, he started wanting to sleep on his own. So I did not have to let him CIO. He actually self sothes himself. So basically you have to play it by ear with each child, since each baby is different. I also co sleep with the babies until about 6 months, except for naps. I understand about the issues since you are sharing a room. My 4th DS has his crib in our room too. I am thinking of having a curtain up between us, so he doesnt see us. Plus I always have a white noise in the room. (My 3rd DS slept through the fireworks outside his room because of the white noise.) That way I can let DS #4 try to sleep on his own.
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