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Re: Parenting style: Raising a person

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Always interesting to read others viewpoints. I think carefully considering our actions as parents and the consequences is vital. But sometimes it's also ok to seek out advice of experts in situations where our own personal experience and knowledge is limited for whatever reason, as long as we're careful in our choice of what constitutes an expert.

also, OP - welcome!

I think about the new boss who comes into an office and s/he has ideas and research that tells them to do certain things certain ways. Often times, it turns the entire office on it's head and ends up a mess. But when they talk with the people who have been there for awhile and have often seen other managers try the same ideas and have the same problems, they can give input on how things operate the smoothest. Working together - the people with realworld experience there and the new manager can make a plan that will work well.

So I definitely think there's a TON of value in listening to people who have BTDT. And there's value in trying different things because you think they will work.
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