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Re: What do you think of moms who...

I wouldn't think it makes them a bad parent but I would see it as unwise. I think a once a year check (Or more) can't do much harm but missing something because you didn't go can do significant harm. Its just a cot benefit issue. I have little to lose by going but much to gain.

After reading to page 5 I had two things I would point out. You don't often notice gradual changes because you see your child everyday. Your view of them adjusts incrementally. (This is the same reason a lot of people take pictures of themselves losing weight. It gives a much better idea of what you looked like at the start since you see the change gradually.) A doc might notice something that happened slowly and I missed. I don't pretend to be all knowing even with a person I spend 24/7 with. Heck I found out I have a condition with my own body I never understood. The problems I was having were my "normal" I didn't know anything else so I didn't realize they were symptoms.

I have said this many times since it was passed along to me and I will use it here to. A doctor once told me the chance may be 1 in a million but if you are that one the statistics don't matter. YES most people will never have a problem and the visits might feel like a waste of time but for the 1 who was saved by that apt they will see it all very differently. If 1 child is saved from sickness or death because of 100s or 1,000s of well visits I think I would call that a success if it were my kid who was saved.
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