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We started with recycling. We have a couple of books about it. I started there b/c the girls seemed to understand that more. They particapte in placing things in the recycle bin-and now go with me to the recycling center to drop it off. When shopping I look for things that are in recycled packaging and we'd talk about what the package could have been before. As they got a little older I moved into not being wasteful-less trash, less things that need to be recycled. As for the plumbing-not sure if theres an issue there or that was jist an example but jic lol-When dd1 pted i taught her to use 3 squares so 'the potty desnt break'. At that age plumbing problems and money are pretty hard to undertand. By the time dd2 pted they were using cloth wipes and that helped so much.
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