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Re: santa or not to santa?

Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 View Post
We don't do santa here. My kids have been taught the true story of santa from a young age. They know who he was and what he did and they also know he does not live anymore. We prefer to keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus. We still have tons of fun and Christmas is a very special and wonderful time for our family. :-) My older kids say they never felt like they missed out or anything and are actually glad we did not tell them a "lie" (as they put it). I also feel my kids know they can trust me to always be straight with them, and never tell them stories or try to get them to believe that something is real when it is not. :-)
we do a santa picture every year because it's a fun holiday picture, and because the kids know it's dh (he plays santa for the fire dept's town holiday thing. prior to kids, we used to pick one family we knew personally that needed a little help around the holidays and then annonymously do gifts for the kids/family and maybe some holiday meal stuff if we had the extra for that too. the year i had dd, i took over running the town's secret sanat program for families in need of assistance. depending on where we are financially in a given year, i pick out a child or a family with a couple kids, and make sure the age is similar to my kiddos. then the kids help me do the shopping . they love helping pick out gifts for another child and knowing they get to give it "secretly" like the original st nicholas.
i don't remember doing santa as a kid, though i know my parents did do it. and i've never understood the 'magic' of santa. i mean, the holidays are magical enough, but i don't get what's so magical about some strange man who gets you stuff and then sneaks into your house while you're sleeping to drop it off. it actually sounds kinda creepy to me if you really consider it. i prefer christmas to be more about family, and doing for others.
i've taught my children that santa is a fun thing for some families to pretend. we don't say that it's a lie or fake, just that it isn't something we choose to pretend. they also know that they are to respect that and not ruin the fun for other people by saying santa isn't real.
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