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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Originally Posted by carlycurry View Post
I am getting so frustrated I just want to cry... I guess it's normal to have delayed ovulation your first period cycle after a miscarriage... but damn it, I'm on CD 16 and I really thought I would have seen something change by now on my chart or with my OPKs...

The OPKs are darker today than the past few days, but still no where near a positive. I am getting just plain mad... I just want to scream and cry and be pregnant......

Sorry for the vent, I am just feeling let-down that my body won't get its act together and release an egg.
Sorry mama I know when I got PG last mth then MC'd I was a week early Oing theat month but after i was a week later so its frustrating but hang in there.

Originally Posted by mvp529 View Post
Man, flu sucks! Hope you get to feeling better. I've been mad all day since the hospital where I work forced us this year to get the flu shot. Now my head feels swimmy.

You and I had baby girls the same time last year. My DD was born 8.1.11!
Hopefully we'll be having babies together soon again!

Carissa- I wouldn't worry about it. I've seen a lot of ladies numbers not double exactly on the 48 and they were fine. So hang in there. I know it can be harder when you are being monitored so close.

So I've been off the progesterone for almost 4 days now and nothing. Does anyone remember how long it took them to start after taking. I was thinking it was only 2-3 days but apparantly not.
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