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Re: The reason behind no sandwich meat.

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
hm. I thought it was only certain lunch meats?

I'm on my 4th baby and have eaten lunch meat as I wanted (usually at least once a day on my homemade Bfast sandwich - I don't cook the meat before I eat the sandwich), and even told all of my caregivers that I eat it everyday, and no one has ever said anything to me.
Originally Posted by weesej View Post
Am I the only one who has no problem eating lunch meat? Really, how often have any of us gotten food poisoning from fresh, refrigerated lunch meat before. No doubt there is some risk, but probably far less than riding in the car...anyone else feel like a horse and buggy for the pregnancy?!? I don't eat it too often because of high sodium and nitrates, but I wouldn't feel guilty for a moment!
Originally Posted by amandajiggles View Post
I'm not going to lie... I ate subway sandwiches for lunch nearly every day for my lunch while I was pregnant before my maternity leave and no harm came to me or my baby.

You are at an increased risk if you contract listeriosis because it can cause complications for you and baby. You aren't at any increased risk of being exposed to listeriosis than anyone else by eating that sandwich. The concern is that if you get sick, and have a fever and other symptoms like vomiting/diarrhea that you can become dehydrated etc. You're worse off in the third trimester if you are exposed because your immune system is not as strong. If you take the risk and eat the sandwich, just keep an eye out for flu like symptoms. If you get sick, then you will need antibiotics.
All of this. This is my 4th pregnancy and I've eaten it (uncooked) with all of them and never been told otherwise by a physician!
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