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Re: Is my math wrong, or FuzziBunz math wrong?

Originally Posted by Boohakis View Post
Idk, DS is 7 weeks and gets changed when he eats so he goes thru about 6 diapers a day. I make up 12 wipes per time (to avoid moldy smell) and that lasts almost 2 days. He isn't an explosive poo-er and typically goes once a day. So using more than 1 wipe per change is rare for us.

We have 24 pockets and I try to wash when we have 6 clean ones left so I wash about every third day.

I want more diapers but we honestly don't need them.
are you nursing? At 7 weeks we were still nursing about every 2 hours tops if lucky she gave me a 4 hour night stretch. I honestly can't remember how many poo diapers we went though but I know it was more than once a day but WAY less than with my oldest Even now we average about 3 a day. I think a stash of 24 is very reasonable, I too like to wash every 3rd day and I'm currently doing that with 18 though I could use jsut a couple more to comfortaably make it (I have nothing left when I wash)

this reccomendation of how many from the Fuzzi bunz store I think is more accurate, I think saying 12 was misleading and not honestly realistic.. Plus again I still want to know why its okay to use 6 cloth diapers a day but then expect to use 8 disposables a day??

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