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Kind of disappointed

I have been looking for size medium (yellow edge) Imagine bamboo prefolds for months. A friend of mine raved about how trim they are. I finally found them and bought them. I trifolded and put in one of my bGs and it was way to big/bulky! Same in my Flip, both on the largest rise.

Clearly the mediums are too big. I think I want to sell them already! But I don't know if there is interest and I don't know if I am missing something I can do with pfs. I think they are just going to sit here though...I use pockets and Flips. I was looking for something trim and not mf to out in the bGs, bonus if I can use them in the Flips.

Should I even stalk the smalls? I love bamboo...some of my favorite doublers are bamboo.

I am bummed.
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