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Re: How to lower water bill

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
I have my own complaint. At least 2 posters mention sposie diapers costing less than $50 per month. We sposied our first child 13 years ago. Back then we were spending $50 every 4 weeks. Sometimes this meant not changing as often as really was needed because we were getting low before pay day. Now I know prices on other things have not gone down. I don't get how people are getting diapers so cheaply.
I can answer this. I use/used sposie a on both of my kids. Daycare doesn't take cloth so it isn't an option for us (too bad, really, especially since my kids have sensitive skin)

Until recently, we were using SAMs club diapers. they cost $40/box and each box would last almost a month. Now we're using seventh generation because they seem much gentler on my baby's skin. The cheapest I can find them is and will probably run us about $60-70 a month. We go through about 7-8 diapers each day. Pampers cruisers would probably cost about $50/month.
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