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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 1-Oct. 7

Originally Posted by photocat View Post
He he, my first month charting too, I have about 5 days of temps on there and keep looking at it as if it's going to enlighten me with some pearl of wisdom because I've looked at the darn chart eleventy million times so far today.

Does anyone else take their temp half asleep then forget whether or not they actually took it? I gotta find some way of reminding myself I've done it already. I think part of the problem is I am DREAMING about taking it....maybe scared of forgetting I wake up thinking I have already taken it?
Girl... I have looked at my chart about 50 million times so far... and 40 million of those times were before my chart had 5 or 6 days worth of temps on it.

I keep a piece of paper with a pen on my nightstand next to my thermometer and my cell phone... I use the cell phone alarm to wake me at same time every day, I use the light from the phone to see what I'm writing so I can put the temp down on my list then just roll back over and go back to bed if it's the weekend... if it's a weekday, that's my time to get up anyway... do you write it down right away or rely on looking at your thermometer later on?
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