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Re: mommas that did ferber method sucessfully

Originally Posted by pumkinsmommy View Post
Sleeping without all the baloney that I see people going through is a gift. So many people think that their baby is just going to nicely learn to fall asleep and if they don't then that is the way it is supposed to be. Teaching a baby to go to sleep is just another part of parenting.
Couldn't agree more. We don't Ferber as we sleep train our infants and newborns so there is no relearning at a later age. We, meaning parents and babies and children, are incredibly blessed by it here. I will say we sleep train at naptime not bedtime. Maybe that would work with guys who share a room. Put one in a pack and play in your room for naptime and work on learning to fall asleep on their own happily during the day when you are both fresher and less likely to disturb anyone. GL!
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