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Originally Posted by MrzP427
I'd like to move there anywhere in the next 2-3 years and I have some questions for those mommas who live there.

I am looking for a smallish town as I am so sick of living in the City. We are a family of 5. DS is a 7 yr old first grader, DD1 is a 5 yr old Kindergartener, and DD2 is a 6.5 wk old baby. Of course they wont be these ages when we move but it kinda gives you an idea how old they will be around that time frame. We also live in PA now.


What small towns are recommended? How small? Most in my area are nice.

What is the COL there?

Depends on where you live. High here IMO (but I moved from the South). The property taxes are crazy high. We rent right now and pay 1350 for a 1350 sf condo. Gas is 3.92. Our electric bill runs at most 150 and heat about 170 (in the coldest part of winter turned up to 74 degrees).

What are the Public Schools like? Regarding Education, test scores, violence?

In my area the public schools are excellent - the best in the state. People here are very involved. Violence happens everywhere but.not so often here. I left my car door wide open in downtown Burlington parked on the street for two hours and nothing was touched (and I drive an expensive car).

Are there any educational and Family fun places that will not break the bank?

There are plenty of family activities that are free, cheap, and expensive year round.

What Grocery stores and Pharmacies do they have? Are grocery prices higher? Will I be able to coupon and stockpile?

Hannaford , Shaws and Price Chopper are the chains. There are health food stores in each town in this area. Rite Aid, a couple of CVS s and Walgreens and Kinney Drugs are the pharmacies. I find that groceries are pricey but I have to eat a restrictive diet. You can coupon. Oh and Costco!

How hard is it to get a job there? Do jobs tend to pay well? (My DH works at Home depot but is willing to change jobs for better pay)

Minimum wage is 8.25. DH has a degree in Mathematics and works stocking in retail for 9$. He got that job after applying for 3 months and continued to apply for.other jobs until our new baby was born and we decided.he would work.part time so we didn't have to put.him in daycare. There is a HD here though so he could transfer while looking.

How necessary would it be for us to NEED 2 cars? Could we even get by with none at all?

If you lived in a city you could get by with one.

Im considering Homeschool even though my kids love public school right now. Are there many Homeschooling Families/groups in Vernont?


These are the questions I could think of at the moment but anything else I will update the OP. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
If you can see my profile I live in VT in the Burlington area. We moved here a year and a half ago from Mississippi and have lived in Iowa and Louisiana. I love it here. It is very family friendly and a great place for a crunchy family. PM me if you have any other questions
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