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Re: Parenting style: Raising a person

Originally Posted by addicteddad View Post
Great post. Fellow dad here, and I find myself nodding in agreement at not just your conclusions, but your insight as to why.
Thanks brother and I want to make it clear that this was what I was really trying to focus on. I've been a parent for about 9 months now, so to suggest that I know everything would be very foolish, and I am sure I will learn from many mistakes that I will make throughout the years. I find the reason for my choices to be far more important than the choices themselves because it will allow me to keep making better choices even after I make mistakes. I've been debating intense subjects ever since I was old enough to talk, I could argue against every single point I made and convince just as many people that I am right.

My post was 100% about my view of raising people rather than the general consensus I see of the majority that they are training a pet, extension of themselves, controlling a possession or correcting a lesser being.
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