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Re: Carseats and oxygen levels, a question!

Originally Posted by EmilyA874 View Post
Thank you ladies for your input! I looked a pictures of my DD in her Radian, this is her at 10 days old:
S she had a bit of head slump. I am not sure what to do. I know the new Radians have different infant inserts now, maybe it would be enough to keep him in a good position or maybe I'd need to roll up receiving blankets to keep his head from slumping. The big issue for him is blood flow to the lungs and they say for kids with TOF to put their knees up to their chest to increase the blood flow to the lungs, so maybe if I could get is legs sort of in that position that would be good. I don't know. We have appointments with the cardiologist and MFM this Friday so maybe I will see if they can give me seem information on this too or see if I can talk to a NICU nurse at the hospital we'll be at and see what they say. Thanks for your help and input ladies
That's not head slump Tipping the head to the side is totally fine and unavoidable and isn't a safety issue. What's dangerous is the head tipping forward, chin to chest. Personally I'd err on the side of an infant seat or a small convertible that can be at a good angle (the Coccoro, for instance) because the Radian is such a beast of a seat, and would be fine for healthy term babies but not so great for kids with medical concerns.
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