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Around here the docs almost automatically do a fundo with the g-tube. I hate her fundo and I wish it would just bust open already. We tried Compleat for a week but she just can't tolerate it. So we're back to the blended diet. My dh and I are totally disagreeing with everything to do with her feeding also. That is stressful. I think it's a problem that she has been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds for two years, he thinks she will just grow someday. And he is anti formula. The ingredient list really supports his case when the first two ingredients are water and corn syrup! I would hate to get a j-tube cuz that would mean back to the pump. And honestly, I didn't see a difference with reflux when we went from continuous to bolus feeds so I would like to stay with bolus. Will def. stay away from reglan, though! I feel like the gi docs here just accept that reflux is a part of life and aren't very proactive with fixing it. I hate that I hate feeding my kid!
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