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Re: S/O Mamas that circed, do you feel judged?

when I was pregnant with my daughter 15 plus years ago, and didn't know what I was having until the very end of the pregnancy, I was asked if I was planning on circing if we had a boy, and I said yes, cause it was how I grew up, what I knew, and thought it would be more hygienic.

I felt very judged, we live in a very crunchy area, and the OB's nurse said not very nice things to me, the first one being "well you shouldn't, cause insurance won't pay for it, and Dr. N. WON'T do it, she doesn't believe in it, you'll have to find someone yourself". I was relieved when we had a girl, and I didn't have to worry about it.

When I finally DID have a boy, my mind had changed to the "his body, his choice" mindset, and I now believe altering someone's genitals, for very limited, if any, medical benefit without his permission is unethical. If he thinks it would be medically beneficial, he can have it done himself. I changed my mind over a period of years, there was no one comment or one event. The way I was treated and judged actually set me back, and just made me more secretive about my thought process. I stopped asking medical professionals what they thought about it, no longer wanted their input.
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