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Re: Question for the Non-Santa Crew

We don't do Santa gifts. Has nothing to do with credit. We don't do Santa gifts because that is not what Christmas is about to us and my kids know he isn't real. My kids have always looked at Santa as a figure of Christmas, not as a magical person who drops down chimneys (which my ds1 had noticed not everyone had) and give you gifts. I also don't believe in the whole "you'll have to be good or Santa wont' bring you gifts" which I hear a lot of starting, now.

For our family Christmas is about being with your extended family, making food together (we're Italian) and just enjoying one another. We do exchange gifts, but not a whole heaping pile, just 1-2 per person (my parents go over board for the boys though as they're the only grandchildren). The gifts are well thought out and really have meaning. The boys also make gifts for their grandparents and anuts/uncles (usually some sort of ornament). Ornament giving is really big on DH's side of the family, each person gets one that represent them.

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