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Originally Posted by Dmpmercury

Kidney stone pain is on another realm. Someone would be depressed from the pain not in pain because of depression when it is kidney stones. I know I couldn't function at all when I had an attack and did need the IV pain meds and it wasn't because I was depressed. It had nothing to do with that. I even had unmedicated births and found those MUCH less painful then kidney stone attacks. Anti depressants have risks too and they don't help the pain of kidney stones.
I totally agree and would certainly not wish them on anyone, I am a former ER nurse and have witnessed how severe the pain is for anyone. I was basing my opinion more on the combo of history, er visits for heartburn, er visit pain for passed kidney stones that caused no blood in urine, etc. In my experience the pain seems to be caused from a stone when it is moving, when it has been passed the pain should be gone as well. Except in the case of injury caused to the ureter (no blood so no evidence of that) or spasms but there are non narcotic medications that are prescribed for that. I think medication is best avoided when possible, particularly during pregnancy, but the op is obviously suffering and current treatment options are not proving successful. Just another theory.
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