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Re: Do you own a fabric quilt? share pictures if you want. Would love to see them.

in the house we have...

a gagillion (okay maybe 6) crib size quilts - I LOVE making those
2 toddler ones that P and E are sleeping under...they coordinate - I made them
1 twin size one that I made for DH when we were dating - it stays in the living room for snuggling on the couch
a queen size one my cousin made for us for our wedding
a king size one I made for me/us hoping to have a king size bed sometime :-/

In storage I have a full size one made for me when I was a kid

Oh and a "in progress" one I am making from the ties and shirts from my Grandpa (he passed away)....I want it PERFECT so it is taking me awhile....I should really hurry up though

I just got done with 4 twin quilts that I made for my MIL to put at their ranch house on 2 bunk beds...those were a lot of work..but look really cool.

For all my friends I have made quilts for their first kids...they are just recently getting around to having kids (I had my oldest when I was a teenager) it's been fun

Right now I am working on a crochet blanket for our bed.

I think that is all the handmade ones

here is a pic of the ones I made for the middle kids (they are on their toddler beds)

and this is a crappy picture of one of the twin one sI made for MIL
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