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Re: Poo AND detergent smell ugh!!!

Originally Posted by HappiMom View Post
I think I may have found a solution. Yesterday I did a *warm* wash cycle first with no detergent followed by a hot super wash with Tide filled to the 1 line and they are not as stinky. I also put half as many diapers in the wash, so I'm thinking I'll have to wash every other day instead of every 3-4. It's going to be more time and $$ for me, but if it solves the stink issues I'm willing to do it.

As far as the prefolds, they are simply not soft. I'm seriously thinking of getting some of that cd safe fabric softener, Eco-something?? Can someone remind me? Can I add that to a load of mixed materials?
I would change one thing at a time so you know what really helped. Personally I would bet it was the warm wash cycle that made the difference. You really need a pre-wash/pre-rinse of some kind so that your wash water isn't filled with pee and poop. I'd try washing your normal amount of diapers with the warm pre-wash for a week or so and see how that goes before you assume you need to wash every day.
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