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Thanks for all the suggestions mamas!!

Unfortunately we r a carpeted home . Only our small kitchen and bathroom is vinyl and tile which makes naked days difficult.

Thanks for linking us to the toilet seat, that's our stage 4 toilet seat. Stage 1, baby Bjorn little seat from 6 months, then baby Bjorn chair, then a blue handle toilet seat to put on our toilet seat then the last one we bought (the normal toilet seat w a smaller seat for kids). She refused to use the last seat and we think because it doesn't has the thick cushion she was used too ;(

Anyway, we r going to take it a day at a time and hope her strike will be over soon so we can start our 3 days naked potty train.

It is hard to get use to having to clean her poop covered butt again after all these poop free is the 3rd day she poop in stinky.....we r spoil parents for sure
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