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Re: 12 hour release

I had my daughter at 12:32 a.m. and was out by 4 or 5 that afternoon. It was great! We were anxious to go a few hours after she was born. We just felt like we were hanging around in a {HOT!!} hospital room, when we could be at home in our own house.

With my son, I was GBS+ and got to the hospital pushing, so I couldn't get antibiotics. We had to stay 2 nights (I had him at 11:30pm on a thursday, left the hospital saturday afternoon) to keep an eye out on him, and they also checked his blood sugar a bunch of times because he was big. I was miserable!! My husband went home mid-day friday to pick up our daughter, and once he was gone I just wanted to go home! It was so boring just sitting in a hospital room, and I also can't sleep in a hospital. It just doesn't happen for me.

So I would jump at the chance for only a 12 hour stay, given everyone is healthy.
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