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Re: Do your SO's pants

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
If DH's shirt were to lift up a little, there's a small chance you'd catch a glimpse of the elastic on his boxers, but that's it.

This is actually not true. However, it did start in prisons. There were often only two sizes of pants available, small or large. The prisoners almost always selected large and most of them ended up with their pants hanging off their butts.
Exactly. But, I work in a prison and the inmates have lots of sizes of pants (XXS-4XL) and I still see underwear in at least half of them. I'm mean and tell them to pull up their pants before I will give them their meds. My policy is they need to have a shirt on and their underwear covered, and their hands OUT of their pants, before I will see them. Lots of them think it's real fun to come up with their hands in ther pants Last time I had that happen I made him wash his hands
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