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ACK! Anyone else have a washing machine try to 'eat' your diapers??

Gah, this washing machine has had things get caught under the agitator, particular hemp inserts seem to be a favourite! The landlord says that her appliance guy says t is fine (he didn't look at it) and that small things will get caught, so put small things in a mesh bag... I have a baby, cloth diaper and well, wear underwear, so not everything is going in a mesh bag

Anyway, it hasn't done it for awhile, but the last month a whole pile of diapers/inserts now have holes Nothing brand new or expensive, but I'm getting very upset! A couple were definitely older hemp inserts for a particular diaper, so while it shouldn't have ripped a bunch of holes the first time it showed a hole, I was at least not freaking out. I just went down now and one of the night doublers that is hemp and fleece on top is wrecked

So, has anyone else had this issue? I haven't had any other washing machine I've used for diaper laundry do this! I'm thinking it is the machine, but I'm curious if others have had issues too and I've just been lucky before
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