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Originally Posted by Marianna1988
Tonight we had taco mac n cheese over baked potatoes. Not sure for the rest of the week. Probably breakfast one day, BLTs and sweet potato fries one day, chicken and baked potatoes one day, and pasta one day. Not sure about the rest. We need to start eating everything we have in the freezer, so I'll start purging that out soon.
That sounds good. I think my newest pregnancy craving is recipes with the word 'taco'. How do you make it?

We had French toast, bacon (first time in years I've bought it, I decided to spoil DH), and mixed fruit (frozen stuff that was for smoothies that I have yet to make...). We were going to do tacos and Mexican rice, but I ended up getting a migraine right before I started dinner, so DH got to pick what he felt like making. Not surprised he went straight for the bacon the day we got it!

Rest of the week, tomorrow we'll do tacos and Mexican rice, then taco soup at some point, chili, and not sure what else. We meal plan for the month, but make a list to choose from and cross off as we go. Easier for us to stick to this way.
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