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Originally Posted by ashley84

I do have an awesome doula that has been there for the births of both of my children. I have a fantastic pair of midwives that are very supportive of natural birth. My mom and husband have been at both births and they would do anything to help me achieve the natural birth that I've aimed for each time. DH and I have done the full Hypnobabies home study course. I have every opportunity imaginable to be successful at birthing naturally. I am just batcrap crazy in labor. I can't even be nice to the people around me. It's awful. I apparently handle pain similar to a rabid dog. Actually, I act quite like Cujo. It's so embarrassing. One of my midwives joked that she won't deliver me again unless I agree to an epidural right off the bat. We aren't done having kids. I'd still like to do it naturally someday. I'm losing hope though. My labors are just ridiculously long (22.5 & 24.5 hours). I told my doula that my only goal next time around is to be nice and respectful to my birth team. I seriously think that the only expectation I can place on myself at this point. That will be hard enough.
I think that's a fair goal. :-) the most important thing is that you feel safe and supported by your team. It sounds like you definitely have that support and safety around you. :-)

During both of my labors, I bit my husband. Just for the record.
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